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Top UI & UX Design Agencies for Startups in 2024

Having a startup is like having to fight in many different battlefronts. Similarly, having a small business does not mean that it is an easy job to handle. UI / UX design agencies enable you to achieve success by supporting your business in this bumpy journey.

While one is already extremely busy with everything else in order to run the business successfully, UI / UX design for small businesses is too much work to handle without professional assistance.

UI UX design agencies have a lifesaving position for people who own a small business or manage a startup with a small team. There are thousands of agencies all over the world and selecting the best partner for your business requires comprehensive research.

What is A UI/UX Design Agency?

UX/UI design agency is a creative design company that creates user experiences. These companies vary in size and the services they provide, which are either linked to or complementary to UX design. Some agencies specialize in UX design alone, while others specialize in something else and offer UX and UI design as well. Despite their similarities, UX and UI are two distinct aspects of the overall design process for websites and digital apps but they always go hand in hand.

UX design is the process of creating a user’s whole engagement with a website or mobile app from start to finish. This design is based on data gathered during the UX research phase, during which researchers learn as much as they can about the future website or app users as well as the target group overall. UI design ensures that every aspect of the digital interface functions properly and is visually appealing, ensuring that the UX design team’s ultimate goals are met.

A UX/UI design company is a creative agency that specializes in or delivers experience design services. Branding and inventive design are among the UX/UI design companies’ specialties, and they’re useful for establishing a company’s brand identity and interacting with target users via digital channels and other means. This extends beyond basic branding and advertising to include both in the company’s user interfaces and touch points.

Best UI/UX Design Agencies in the USA for Startups and Small Businesses

Here is a list of the top UI & UX design companies in the USA whose primary clients are small businesses and startups.

The following agencies in the USA focus on smaller businesses as well as large-scale ones and all of these agencies have relevant experience and great success stories.

Major Tom

major tom also provides ux ui design services for startups

Major Tom is one of the best UI & UX Design agencies. If you want user conversion, you should offer a simple experience. Major Tom can lead them to your objectives and keep them coming back for more.

Major Tom frequently observes clients delivering comments based on their own biases, rather than the biases of their users. An in-depth examination of your audience’s personalities can sometimes address this problem.

To develop a site that thrills and engages your users, Major Tom digs deep into your audience personas, target markets, and user statistics. All of their decisions are based on facts. Also, they will explain how, why, and what of each decision we make. Major Tom’s designs are made with your long-term objectives in mind. Users will convert to your ultimate site for years to come.


Flightpath is one of the most successful UX digital agencies that are based in New York City.

flightpath one of the best ux ui design companies for startups

They offer UX design for startup companies and help them navigate in today’s complex digital world to grow and have success stories.

They are aware of the fierce competition in the digital world and preparing your business to have a brave digital battle by providing the best UX and UI designs.

Flightpath also offers a wide range of digital solutions for your small business. They harness digital channels to create genuine value in business. Startups are their favorite clients since they love seeing small businesses grow.


Vrrb is a Los Angeles-based digital agency that creates top-notch websites and mobile apps. They work with a diverse range of clients, from innovative startups to global companies. They offer a very thorough service for UX/UI design to build a digital experience that fits in perfectly with your audience and objectives.

Since they have worked on projects involving product strategy, branding, UX/UI design, and even SaaS development for startups and small businesses like Sideline, a productivity tool for teams, and PartyBuild, an event planning app, they are a qualified agency to work with if you are a startup or small business yourself.


Award-winning UX-UI design agency Baunfire is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. Being a digital native, the firm continues to collaborate with cutting-edge startups and major international brands to create and build superior online platforms. 

baunfire digital agency in Silicon Valley

Websites built by Baunfire are sophisticated and conversion- and engagement-focused. They take satisfaction in always advancing the limits of digital design and development. They mix current trends and industry best practices to create platforms that will endure.

To create a website with a user-friendly interface and compelling user experience, Baunfire works as an extension of your business’s marketing team. To increase user engagement and conversion, they blend best-in-class online design with advanced UI features and an easy path to purchase.


Beyond web design agency

Beyond’s values are creativity, always going beyond expectations, being fully yourself, maximum respect for all, endless curiosity, being genuine, and embracing the change by following UX design trends. They mostly welcome small businesses.

They bring the best strategy and UX design for startups so that they can come up with a plan, test it, and set up digital products from nothing. They also assess your interaction objectively and teach you how to learn from your competitors.

Best UI/UX Design Agencies in Australia for Startups and Small Businesses

Your website is the most critical connection point with your customers, so make sure it’s well-designed. Discover more UX and UI best practices with Australia’s best UX design agencies that constantly learn and stay on top of current design trends.


Understanding the client journey is key to UX. It’s all about developing an online experience that inspires client loyalty, caters to unique demands, and, in the end, adds value to the company. Devotion offers a variety of UX services, including but not limited to:

  • User research
  • Persona development
  • Persona journeys/needs analysis (user stories)
  • Card sorting and tree testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframe development
  • Prototype creation and user testing
Devotion ux ui design agency

Good design, according to Devotion, leads to a positive client experience. Their design team collaborates closely with their UX team to ensure that each solution they create is strategic, inventive, and both surprises and engages the user. Their design services include the following:

  • Big brand ideas and concept development
  • UI design
  • Integrated campaign ideation
  • Storyboarding, animation, and video development
  • Out-of-home digital executions 
  • Social content creation

If you want to benefit from these services provided by Devotion for UI & UX Design, you can contact them on the website.

Best UI/UX Design Agencies in the UK for Startups and Small Businesses

The user interface and user experience have a direct impact on how people use your website. So when users have a bad experience, they are less inclined to return to that site. At this point, you may want to work together with the best UX design agencies in the UK to produce a consistent and favorable brand experience, supported by an impactful UX/UI design.


Together Agency, a distinguished UX design agency, excels in creating brand-led digital products that resonate with users. Their service range, focusing on UX/UI design, is centered around enhancing the user experience while maintaining a strong brand identity. Together Agency expertly blends research, UI design, brand integration, and content strategy, culminating in engaging and effective digital solutions.


Fortnight Studio

Fortnight Studio, a UI/UX design and development company based in the UK, aims to use amazing digital products to help organizations expand and scale. Their creative design team combines knowledge and creativity to produce interfaces that are stunning and cutting-edge yet simple and practical.

fortnight studio

Fortnight studio is an excellent UI-UX design studio offering services in brand strategy, branding, mobile app development, and web design. They want to maintain their customers at the forefront of their field while also delighting users as well as supporting aspirational and compassionate brands in realizing their concepts for digital products.

Creative Brand Design

Creative Brand Design, an award-winning London web design agency, takes a staged approach to web design projects to guarantee that all parts of producing a high-performance website are effectively considered.

creative brand design UX agency in London

They have a highly skilled in-house team with a wide skill set, so they can provide a specialist for any stage of your web project. To deliver industry-leading solutions, their collaborative, phased methodology considers all areas of UX/UI design.

Super User Studio

Super User Studio is a UX & product consulting studio based in the UK. They’re a team of highly experienced designers, strategists, and researchers with a collective drive to inspire change, creating next-generation digital product experiences. They have unlocked more than $1 billion in value for their partners through acquisition, improving experiences, creating design leadership, and reimagining business models.

super user stuido UX/UI design

Being a UX and digital product consulting design studio, they have a very in-depth approach to user experience design. They offer a holistic service including product and UX strategy, digital product design as well as design maturity and enablement aspects to help clients anticipate how they can transform their digital product and service experiences. They have many works done for startups under their belt, making them, especially an expert in working with software solutions clients like Zynstra or Cloud 8.

Best UI/UX Design Agencies in Europe for Startups and Small Businesses


Bleech, a UX design agency in Berlin, stands out for their tailored UX/UI design services. They focus on understanding a website’s specific goals and translating these into engaging user experiences. Their collaborative and iterative process ensures a flexible and agile approach, adapting to client needs.


Bleech’s services range from user research, UX audits, to creating wireframes and designs, all geared towards elevating websites and enhancing digital experiences. This approach positions Bleech as a go-to agency for startups looking for impactful UX design solutions.

Best UI/UX Design Agencies in Canada for Startups and Small Businesses

With the help of utility, ease of use, and successful marketing, UX design focuses on increasing customer experience. The user interface and user experience have a direct impact on how people use your website. Here are the best UI/UX Design Agencies in Canada that will not let you walk alone on this journey of success.

Pound & Grain

UI-UX design company Pound&Grain was established in 2010 in Canada. For the purpose of creating creativity that meets your goals and performance criteria, they adore delving deeply into the heart and soul of your brand.

This entails compelling campaigns, content, and experiences created to support the telling of your narrative across all platforms and channels. For those who run a startup with a small staff or own a small business, UI UX design agency like Pound & Grain can be a lifesaver.

Best UI/UX Design Agencies in Asia for Startups and Small Businesses


DigiSalad ui ux design agency for startups and small business

Hong Kong-based DigiSalad can be a great UI/UX design agency for your small business or startup. When you see their website, you will immediately understand why.

Catchy and interactive User Interface (UI) will be designed by their professional front-end and back-end programmers for your webpage and mobile app.

If you want your visitors to have a memorable experience on your website in accordance with your services, DigiSalad is here to support you.

Why is UX/UI Design Important for Startups?

One of the most important purposes of a startup or small business is to raise sales and expand its operations. The importance of UI & UX Design in attaining this goal cannot be disregarded. UI & UX Design companies for startups enhances the user experience and increases customer satisfaction as well with increasing the number of users.

The UI & UX Design agencies help to gain consumers’ trust and encourage them to use your app or website by giving them what they want. When UX assists users in achieving their objectives, UI establishes a link between the user and the service provider. UI designers strive to raise brand recognition to help your organization improve customer satisfaction, user interaction, and enhance your business. The success of strong UI and UX may be measured by the number of customers who visit your website/app.

The relevance of UI & UX Design agencies becomes even more important for a start-up or a small business because first impressions stay a long time, and UI and UX design can make or break brand recognition.

How Much Do Agencies Charge for UI/UX Design?

If you want to know the cost of UI & UX Design for you, as in any job, it cannot be estimated precisely as the pricing of each UI & UX Design agency is different. However, we can provide an average price for your startup.

A UI & UX Design agency’s prices is determined by a variety of factors, including location, experience, industry, and project/product type. When you look up average agency rates on the internet, you’ll see that some agencies offer a breakdown by deliverable that ranges from $110 to $270 per hour, while others provide a range of $2000 to $35,000 per hour. These prices can be changed depending on the quality of your wants.

As we have listed above, fully-capable UX / UI design agencies are waiting to help your business have a more important place in the marketplace. Especially when someone has a small business just set up, it is always best to let a professional assist you in design while you are busy with doing what you are best at.

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