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4 Ways That Reels Can Revolutionise Your Brand

Social platforms are the center of the digital universe. As that universe evolves, so must brand strategy. Companies must adapt to the constantly changing landscapes of each social platform they use, leveraging each one’s unique features to set themselves apart from the competition.

Right now, Instagram is making the most of its position in the virtual stratosphere, with its post and story features have become staples of many a global brand’s marketing strategy. And since Instagram introduced Reels, enabling brands to produce discoverable short-form videos to entice customers and prospects alike, companies have been piling on the bandwagon in hopes that the feature will give them an edge.

The opportunities that Reels brings for engagement and brand awareness is enormous, so it’s imperative for companies to learn how to use it—fast. And if you need a little encouragement, here are 4 ways Reels can keep your brand ahead of the curve.

1) Target a New Audience You Might Have Otherwise Missed

A trending Reel has the power to bring you a wealth of opportunities you’d never see on any other social platform. It allows your brand to reach prospects who previously were unlikely at best. The Instagram algorithm appears to favour Reels—and as if that weren’t enough, the feature has its own dedicated section in the app, through which users can scroll. Reels can expand your influence, meaning a greater variety of potential audiences for your brand. Fitting a mould is a worry of the past—now it’s all about enjoying the freedom to experiment and push your brand in new and exciting directions.

2) Don’t Be Shy—Show What You’re Made Of!

Some companies saturate their pages with lengthy posts in an attempt to demonstrate their personality, yet all they really need to do is show it, and in far fewer words—or none at all. There’s no better way to connect with your audience than by creating an authentic brand voice through the power of video. Reels allow you to show the human side of your company. Because sure, your products are great and your customer service is top-notch—but who are the people behind it all? You might be amazed at how interested many customers actually are in meeting the folk running the brands they love, so bring yours to life and you’ll reap the benefits by the spadeful.

3) See It as an Opportunity to Educate

You can use Instagram Reels to anticipate your audience’s questions ahead of time, producing curated videos showing how to use your products, espousing their benefits, and proffering lesser-known information about your brand. You can take control of your own brand reputation by positioning your company as a thought leader, even just with clips explaining what sets you and your products apart. Moreover, sharing FAQs, addressing misconceptions, or engaging with customers’ general questions demonstrates your company’s reliability, helpfulness and trustworthiness. The public will soon know they can rely on you for accessible and genuinely useful content.

4) Upgrade to Invaluable Evergreen Content

Contrary to popular belief, marketing strategies need not be complicated. Simply revising and resharing evergreen content can be the most effective way to boost traffic to your brand, rather than taking up an inordinate amount of time ideating an entirely new social plan. Moreover, not only can Reels link back to older posts, but they can also introduce a topic to a whole new audience. Quick, concise videos highlighting the ways in which your brand stands out among the crowd to enhance a public trust—and keep you relevant at a time when the market is more competitive than ever.

In my experience as the CEO and cofounder of a performance marketing and web design agency, Pixated, social platforms are set to continue serving as the most popular space in which brands communicate.

Reels give you a fun and fast way to promote what your company does and stands for that your customers and prospects alike can access in an instant. If your brand isn’t using the feature yet, it might be time to join the fun—before the competition’s sailed off into the sunset with hordes of new followers.

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