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How Do NFC Tags Help Secure Shipments?

Getting your products from one place to another can be stressful at times. It’s not easy to guarantee the safety and security of your items for the entirety of their journey, and sometimes items go missing; it’s not unheard of. 

Well, there is a solution to that, NFC tags. With these handy little devices, you can ensure that your goods are secure during shipping and that everything is where it needs to be, making it convenient for workers handling the delivery.


What does NFC mean?

If you’re not familiar with NFC (Near Field Communication) or NFC tags, then it may be difficult to understand why they are so helpful for shipping and logistics. NFC is a form of wireless technology that allows for quick and effortless transfer of data. A small tag can easily communicate with a suitable device and has a number of applications. 

These tags are by no means bulky or inconvenient, and in fact, can come in many different forms. They can be seen on wristbands, stickers, labels, and more. They’re easy to fit onto any object and make things like verifications and transactions simpler.

How do NFC tags work?

A sticker isn’t going to be able to transfer data on its own, and these tags contain a small microchip, which allows it to do what it does. The microchip can hold small amounts of data, which can be transferred to a device that’s able to scan it. 

It’s important to note for the sake of application that NFC tags are bidirectional. That means that these tags can be used to both send and receive information. To scan the tag, it can be as simple as putting your smartphone or similar device close to the tag, allowing it a few seconds to scan. You would have likely seen something similar with contactless payment, which acts almost the same way as NFC tags.


Are NFC tags safe?

If you’re going to rely on NFC tags for security, then you want something that’s secure and not going to be easily manipulated by third parties. Well, one of the main benefits of NFC tags is their proximity requirement. As the name suggests, you need to be close to the microchip if you’re going to be able to exchange data with it – usually, you would need to put your device within one or two centimetres of it. You don’t have to worry about someone remotely accessing the data on your tags.

NFC tags are also protected by secure encryption, which makes them a very good choice when trying to keep everything secure. It would not be easy for hackers to interfere with the data encoded within the tag, and proximity would still be required to do so.

Who are NFC tags for?

Generally speaking, NFC tags are for everyone. The main appeal of the tags is the quick transfer of data with little input required. You can use a device to verify your identity, scan the inventory of a container, and pay for a product – all of which are secure. There are plenty of different applications for this technology, and because it cannot be easily hacked or breached, it’s growing in popularity in many different fields.

It’s proving particularly useful when it comes to protecting shipments and helping customers to keep up to date on their deliveries. 

The use of NFC tags for shipping

Shipping goods can sometimes be difficult for businesses, as it’s not impossible for items to go missing or get mixed up during transport. When transporting items in bulk, it’s handy to have an easy way to keep track of everything. NFC tags can provide that, and inventory can be encoded to each tag – making it easy for handlers to track and update the position of everything that they process. Having this solution prevents packages from being mixed up or sent to the wrong location, helping businesses ensure customer satisfaction.

Using the NFC tag – Authena provides geo-localizations of shipments, making it possible for customers to be updated on their package’s location in real-time. The combination keeps the location updated at all times, which can be checked online whenever necessary. When ordering from unfamiliar businesses, it’s not always easy to tell how soon you’ll receive your product. Customers want to know where their item is, and the NFC tags help to provide that transparency.

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