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Top Real Estate Marketing Tools in 2023

As new marketing strategies and real estate marketing tools appear, the way realtors market their properties constantly evolves. So, it is important for everyone working in this profession and aspiring to be successful in marketing to remain relevant. Real estate marketing tools can assist you if you are unsure how to follow current trends or if you require an up-to-date marketing strategy.

If you’re on the hunt for tools to help you improve your real estate marketing strategy, we’ve compiled the top 2023 real estate marketing tools.

As realtors, you need tools to boost your website, and your visibility online. To be one step ahead of your competitors, you need clever real estate marketing ideas and SaaS tools to reach out to your target audience and potential clients.

Potential customers still consult real estate agents to complete the buying process while hunting for a house to buy. Though, people are able to do their research and work online first before engaging with a real estate agent.

So, how can a real estate agency differentiate itself from competitors in the market? The way that it manages the leads, tracks the listings, organizes the clients in order to build a strong relationship and automates the repetitive tasks can make real estate agencies unique. Of course, they benefit from the technology to make all these happen.

Now thanks to the current market offering industry-specific solutions – in this case popular real estate CRMs – makes realtors’ work easier.

Real estate marketing is as vital as any other marketing industry, yet it is commonly overlooked owing to in-person sales. Even if the purchasing process concludes in person, it begins online.

It is aimed to increase sales by creating a realistic, visually appealing online presentation to buyers. In this sector, where online marketing is of great importance, real estate marketing tools also help realtors to determine the necessary strategies. 

Here are some of the categories that can assist you in achieving your real estate marketing objectives:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Video marketing
  • Website creation & optimization
  • Project management
  • An efficient real estate marketing strategy

Because there are so many effective tools for expanding your real estate marketing plan, it’s important to understand what they should offer you in general.

There are numerous tools available; nevertheless, we have listed the best real estate marketing tools for agencies;

  • Pipedrive
  • Semrush
  • Wix
  • HubSpot
  • Iconosquare
  • Hubstaff
  • Crankwheel
  • Movavi


Source: Pipedrive

We all have a goal; the important thing is to stay focused on it. Your goal as realtors and agencies is to deliver excellent service and so sell homes to your clients. That is why Pipedrive allows you to remain focused on your objectives.

Pipedrive offers a somewhat productive service where you can track your progress and an important set of activities.  The platform makes reporting easier by providing additional information to your agency. For instance, data on current customers, their financial situation, or conversion rates. Managing each contact and monitoring each listing may be too much to handle in addition to other business responsibilities. Real estate businesses can simply segment, nurture, and keep their sales funnels engaged with Pipedrive.


As one of the leading SEO tools, Semrush is an incredible tool for those of you who seek to either create a successful real estate website or optimize your website. 

It offers a broad range of digital marketing services such as SEO, content marketing, PPC, competitor analysis, and much more, and gives you the advantage of doing everything you need on one platform. As a realtor, you may require a combination of services, which Semrush can certainly deliver.

Source: Semrush

Semrush’s SEO toolkit helps you increase organic traffic by allowing you to search for millions of keywords, conduct technical SEO audits, and monitor your SERP reports on a daily basis. Even though Semrush might seem like a basic keyword research tool, it is actually a platform where you can do it all at once. As a result, in order to reach out to your customers, you’ll need a great website, a content strategy, and a solid plan to rank higher in search engines. Semrush brings everything you need together in one tool.


Creating a website that our heart desires is always a fascinating idea, even if it appears to be somewhat complicated. It is also one of the first steps for realtors to be present online to provide up-to-date service for buyers. 

Wix is an excellent substitute for the more complicated processes that are holding you back from creating a website.  With its easy-to-use user interface, it provides a simple solution for those of you wanting to create your own website whether work-related or not. 

Source: Wix

Wix not only assists you in building a high-quality website, but it also assists realtors in building, managing, and optimizing their websites.

Realtors can choose from a variety of templates and personalize them to their liking on Wix, allowing them to stand out among their competitors.

It also provides built-in tools to make sure that realtors can grow their business online. With Wix, realtors can generate leads, and drive conversions with email marketing. The built-in tools also offer SEO Tools, custom domains, tracking success with Wix Analytics, and much more. Wix also offers a free trial without requiring any credit card information which is always a plus. 


You’re probably aware of the need for a good CRM for a quick lead response. HubSpot is no doubt one of the most diverse and full-on services. HubSpot is a Customer Relations Management tool that provides everything you might need if you want to boost up your real estate marketing game. HubSpot’s CRM platform includes all of the marketing, sales, content management, and customer service tools and integrations you’ll need. Each platform product is suitable on its own, but the real magic emerges when you combine them all together. 

Source: HubSpot

HubSpot CRM provides small business services, including a free basic CRM option. It goes without saying that HubSpot is the ideal tool for small business chevaliers.

As realtors, customer service is an important part of the job. However, the goal is always to close the deal. So for real estate agents, it is important to have a CRM tool that can show your entire sales on a clean visual dashboard, track customer interactions whether from email or social media, and much more. There are many data to follow and also many customers to satisfy. HubSpot CRM is primarily concerned with providing a personalized experience for each of its contacts, sales pipelines, fields, templates, and other features.


The shift toward digital is undeniable so brands that need to boost their sales and customer engagement is in need of a good social media presence. From broadening their audience to social media campaigns, realtors as well should use social media to reach out to their customers and thus boost their sales.

Source: Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a critical tool when it comes to social media marketing with its data-driven approach for almost every social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It allows realtors and agencies to maximize their performance on social media with detailed but easy-to-understand analytics and time-sufficient reporting.

Iconosquare allows you to track the performance of your content and the growth of your channel, as well as schedule posts.


Productivity, analysis, and tracking is the key when wanting to providing excellent customer service. For that, you may need Hubstaff which does it all for you. 

Above all, productivity is what we all need to conclude our tasks. When things get busy, it is much harder to follow important tasks or results that we gain. Hubstaff is a productivity tool that can help realtors to stay productive and on focused selling houses to their clients.

Source: Hubstaff

With Hubstaff, you can track and analyze your time and revenue, and manage projects and budgets. It also syncs with the apps that most of us already use, making it much easier to be able to use Hubstaff whenever you need it. It offers a 14-day of free trial where realtors can try and see whether it is suitable for them or not.


Source: Crankwheel

What we all seek is to make our lives and most importantly the lives of our customers easy and smooth. For that, especially when it comes to the digital world, many tools come to the fore when we want to communicate for any reason. With the pandemic, digital tools are used even more than ever and we don’t even come together to do business or any kind of sale. We can all do it remotely if we have the right tools to do so obviously. 

Let’s say you want to show your customer your product with ease but they need to download so many unnecessary things and accepts many more unnecessary regulations and finally, they are able to see what you want to show in the first place. 

With Crankwheel though, you don’t need any of the unnecessary steps to engage and communicate with your prospects. Much easier to use than saying, Crankwheel helps you to deliver what you have to offer in a convincing way. You are always in control of what you’re customer sees. 


With everything being remote, it may seem like real estate is a field that cannot function without being present physically. With Movavi though, it is quite the opposite. This tool offers realtors an excellent multimedia service to display houses and places as if buyers are right there on the field. It is important for realtors and agencies to display places in the most original and appealing way, but they might be in need of a professional team.

Source: Movavi

Wrapping Up

Many conventional sectors will have to stay up with the digital world in this century, where everything has gone digital. Most industries, on the other hand, are constantly open to development, with solutions that can be supported at all times, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

Real estate marketing is a vital profession that must continually stay current with technological developments. After determining which marketing software is best for realtors and businesses, the appropriate strategy will result in extremely happy sales.

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