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Top Things to Know About the Company’s Success

IKEA is a well-known brand selling its products nearly all around the world, and behind its global success, IKEA’s digital marketing strategy lies. We believe that companies, not only the ones selling furniture, can learn a lot from IKEA’s offline to online digital transformation.

Sweden’s leading retail company, IKEA, has decided to develop its marketing strategy using online technology not to miss the latest trends and to be where its consumers are.

It operates globally and uses social media marketing effectively by taking full advantage of various social media platforms. The brand has multiple accounts on the same platforms for each country like IKEA USA, IKEA UK, IKEA Sweden, etc.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into IKEA’s digital marketing strategy, and we want to demonstrate some examples of IKEA’s digital marketing campaigns highlighting how IKEA utilizes different marketing channels in its digital marketing strategy.

So, to improve your marketing game, you should consider implementing at least some of IKEA’s digital campaigns and strategies. Let’s discover IKEA’s digital marketing strategy together!

IKEA’s Digital Marketing Strategy with Examples

Without analyzing IKEA’s digital marketing strategy, it won’t be possible to compete with this successful brand in the global marketplace. That’s why we took it very seriously and compiled the most important and effective aspects of IKEA’s digital marketing strategy here:

Target Audience of IKEA

When it comes to IKEA’s target audience, the brand has a broad demographic appeal but it generally focuses on middle-class consumers who are budget-conscious and looking for affordable yet stylish home furnishings. 

In particular, IKEA’s target audience includes young adults and families who are setting up their first home, as well as those who are looking to upgrade or refresh their existing living spaces as Marques Thomas states. The company’s emphasis on functionality and practicality also makes it a popular choice for college students, renters, and people who live in smaller homes or apartments.

IKEA has been known to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, as the company emphasizes sustainability in its products and operations. By offering affordable, eco-friendly options, IKEA has built a loyal following among those who are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint and making responsible choices.

Digital Marketing Channels of IKEA

When it comes to digital marketing, IKEA utilizes a variety of channels to effectively reach and engage its target audience. Below are some of the key digital marketing channels that IKEA utilizes to connect with its customers:

IKEA‘s Social Media Strategy

In its early days, social media was considered to be a passing fad, a distraction to be avoided. But today, it’s almost an essential part of our daily lives. Each of the social media channels has a high potential for companies and businesses to meet consumers.

It’s important to know which platforms your customers use and to be there at the right time for reaching and connecting with them. It makes your brand imperative and valuable in their eyes. You need to make good use of it.

IKEA does it very well. Its social media marketing strategy focuses on posting discounts, news, and events on social media accounts. Its social media teams are very responsive and quickly return any customer complaints.

IKEA promotes its social media campaigns and invites website visitors to join the brand in sharing posts and getting more and more likes:

IKEA’s motivating attitude generates buzz on social media, especially on Instagram:

As you can see in the visual above, Instagram users create well-thought mise en scenes and share their photos with IKEA hashtags making their posts visible to the ones looking for inspiration. 

IKEA’s Square Metre Challenge campaign is also another example of how successfully the brand manages its social media. This time IKEA chooses YouTube as its main social media channel and promotes tiny living spaces and demonstrates how they can be more practical and useful.

Content Strategy of IKEA  

Content marketing keeps a significant place in IKEA’s digital marketing strategy. For example, IKEA USA’s Home Tour Series videos on Youtube are brilliant examples of IKEA’s effective use of content marketing. 

If you are looking for opportunities to benefit from the power of the digital world such as killing it on social media as IKEA does, our selection of the best digital marketing companies is ready to guide you!  

Brand Strategy of IKEA 

IKEA’s brand strategy is focused on delivering a consistent and compelling brand experience to its customers, one that is rooted in the company’s values and purpose while also meeting the practical needs of its target audience. By prioritizing quality, affordability, and sustainability, IKEA has established itself as a trusted and beloved brand among consumers around the world.

The company’s purpose is to create a better everyday life for its customers, and this is reflected in everything from its product design to its marketing messaging. IKEA also has a strong value proposition, offering affordable yet stylish home furnishings that are designed with functionality and sustainability in mind.

From stores to online, IKEA always shares creative ideas and tips that can be useful or inspiring when designing homes. Therefore, IKEA sets itself apart from other furniture brands by going beyond the role of a mere furniture seller. IKEA becomes a design advisor or a friend giving ideas and inspiration.

IKEA’s Promotion Strategy 

Since 1951, printed catalogs were the most famous and maybe most important part of IKEA’s promotion strategy.

IKEA catalogs were distributed to millions of households for years until 2021. Since then, IKEA has been following the digital path of sharing inspirational in-real-life design examples. You can find the latest IKEA catalogs on its website, and on IKEA museum, you can explore every IKEA catalog ever created!

In short, IKEA has expanded its digital marketing efforts to connect with its target audience especially after ending the era of printed-on-paper IKEA catalogs. As social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are the new publishing presses and magazine sellers, the Swedish furniture giant IKEA chooses to focus on using them. IKEA has a strong presence where it shares images of its products and offers design inspiration to followers.

Wrapping Up

As companies continue to shift their focus to online channels, many lessons can be learned from IKEA’s digital marketing campaigns and strategy. Whether you’re up to promoting your products or connecting with your customers, IKEA’s approach offers valuable insights. 

If you are looking for more inspiration to develop a solid digital marketing strategy, you are at the right place! We’ve tons of blog posts explaining how famous brands make themselves unforgettable in the digital world. So, you can learn how humor can be the key to success on social media platforms from Netflix’s digital marketing strategy, how to transform your brand into an inclusive one from our insights into Adidas’s digital marketing strategy, and many more!

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