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YouTube Channel Trailer: How to Make a Stunning One

A channel trailer is one of the most important things people pay attention to when they decide if they want to subscribe to a YouTube channel or not. It is a short video that introduces you and your content to users that are not subscribed to your channel yet. That is why it is so essential to make your trailer eye-catching – it is the key to getting more subscribers and developing your vlog. In this article, we have collected the most helpful tips, tools, and life hacks to make your channel catchy and unique.


Why YouTube?

But first of all – why should you choose YouTube among other platforms? The answer is – the popularity of this platform. As videos are gaining more and more popularity these days, YouTube, as the largest video hosting, gets more users. Now, YouTube takes second place among the most popular social networks, with more than 2 billion active users monthly. That makes YouTube the best social media for starting a vlog and one of the best platforms for developing your business or a personal brand. No wonder it is considered to be one of the most growing digital marketing trends in 2022.

However, even video content needs videos to promote it. And here channel trailers come to the first plan: these short videos are the first thing your audience sees when they visit your channel page. So, channel trailers can form the first impression about you and your vlog and influence your audience’s decision about the subscription. As you can see, a YouTuber needs to make their trailer stunning.


YouTube Channel Trailer Ideas

The first step of creating a trailer is developing an idea. As your trailer is going to be your visiting card, there are several points here you should better bear in mind:

  • Tell your audience who you are. Introduce yourself, and say a few words about your life so that people understand your personality better. Remember that each person is unique, and you can use your uniqueness to attract your audience.
  • Introduce the subject of your channel. Explain what you are talking about in your videos, what your mission is, and how often you publish new content.
  • Describe the content benefit for your viewers. Here you can talk about the benefits people can get from your videos and what kind of people your content can be helpful for.
  • Claim your credibility and prove it. There is a lot of different information on the internet, both right and wrong. Your audience needs to know that they can trust you, so it would be better if you were an expert in the field you are running your vlog. It would be best if you mentioned your education or successful working experience in this field.
  • Add a call to action at the end. The main goal of your trailer is to attract new subscribers. So, a call to action, which means an offer to subscribe to your channel, is necessary. Remember that many people simply forget to subscribe even if they find a video interesting, but users are more likely to subscribe to a channel with a call to action.

Based on these points, you can write a script for your trailer according to the topic of your channel. The main thing is – to make it clear to the audience who you are and what you are doing. Creativity is wonderful, but clarity is in the first place, and if you include the points mentioned above in your trailer, it is more likely to become successful.

How to Make a YouTube Trailer If You Are a Novice

So your trailer is going to be your visiting card, but how to make a trailer brilliant, especially if you aren’t very experienced in video making yet? Here’s your checklist:

1. Write a compelling script

Just like with any other video, the script is essential. You need to hook your viewers in from the very beginning and keep them engaged throughout the trailer. Write a script that is both interesting and informative, and practice reading it aloud before you start filming.

2.Use professional-quality footage

If you want your trailer to look polished and professional, you need to use high-quality footage. This doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional videographer, but it does mean that you should use a reliable video editor to get rid of shaky handheld footage or low-resolution images.

3.Make sure the audio is clear

The audio in your trailer needs to be clear and easy to understand. Avoid using background music that is too loud or distracting, and make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear.

Tips for a Stunning Trailer

When you have already written a script for your trailer and chosen a tool for editing it, it is time to start creating your video. And here are a few tricks you can use for a trailer to be splendid.

Keep It Short

A trailer is a presentation of your channel intended to describe it in 30-45 seconds. It would be best if you did not make it as long as your regular videos are, as it might be tiresome for people who are supposed only to understand what this channel is dedicated to. The best time is 30 seconds; it is better to introduce the channel to the audience within this time limit and invite them to watch your other videos for more information.

Make It Eye-Catching

Today, people decide whether a video is interesting for them or not from the first seconds. It means that you need to intrigue your viewers from the first frames. It is a good idea to start with the creative tagline that describes your channel, but it also should be intriguing so that people are interested in watching the trailer to the end.

Besides, make sure you create a noticeable YouTube thumbnail not only for your channel but also for the videos you upload. It should be something relevant and engaging for your viewers.

Think About Understandability

The target audience of your YouTube channel trailer is the people that don’t know you yet. Use simple words to explain your ideas and avoid inside jokes. Imagine that you are talking to your potential business partners: be outright and fair in your offers. It would be best to make people feel that you have created this channel for them, so show them that you care about your audience by saving their time and explaining things in the most straightforward way.

Connect With Your Viewers

It would be best if you got in front of the camera and spoke to your audience, showing off your charisma skills. You can attract many more people if you add such a personal touch. However, suppose you have some reasons not to show your face. In that case, you can choose videos from your channel that characterize your personality in the most efficient way and make a montage that shows the very essence of your channel and you personally.


Make It Mobile-Friendly

As many people use YouTube on mobile devices, you should better make sure that the description displays correctly on smartphones. It would also be a good idea to add subtitles to your video, as most of users prefer watching videos on their phones with the sound off.

Get an Inspiration from the Other Bloggers

Do not hesitate to look at the good examples of channel trailers and take the best ideas to use them in your own trailer. As there are different types of channels on YouTube, trailers for them can also be different. For instance, you can take a look at the trailer of Jamie Oliver’s channel – this is a cooking channel example. If you are running a vlog with learning videos, “Howcast” is an excellent illustration of a good trailer. “What’s Up Moms?” is a parental vlog, and its trailer introduces it clearly. One more good example is the trailer of “FitnessBlender,” a workout channel.

Final Words

Though a YouTube channel trailer is vital for your vlog, it is not too difficult to create a catchy and impressive one. The main point is – to bear in mind that you are doing it for your audience, which means you should respect your viewers and care for them. We hope that this article will help you to make a perfect trailer to develop your channel and get more happy subscribers.

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