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The Connection Between Backlinks and Authority

Being new to SEO means learning the terminology.

You know you want to optimise your site and do what Google wants. But, it starts with the basics, and that means learning what matters and what everything means. This will allow you to join in conversations and build a successful SEO strategy.

There will be two terms you come across time and time again. We are referring to backlinks and authority. You will discover them used in the same sentence. They are related to each other. You must prioritise learning about this connection if you want to impress Google. This guide is going to get you acquainted with these terms and the relationship between them.

First, you need to know what backlinks are. You might also see them referred to as inbound links, but they all have the same meaning. Essentially, this is a link that is from one website, and it leads to another. You will click on the anchor text, which can appear underlined and blue. You are sent to the connected website.

So, what is so special about backlinks? Well, Google likes to see them. Namely, this is a good thing when you have a website with a link to yours. It is saying that you offer something good and it is like a recommendation. Thus, this backlink shows that you are someone that others trust. As a result, Google will reward you by pushing you up the rankings.

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What is Authority?

Next, it is pivotal to consider authority and what this means in relation to the Internet. When you have authority in the space, you are trusted. You are thought to be a credible and reliable website. When you are defined as an authoritative website, you are going to help a higher ranking on Google. Authority is a ranking factor, which means that you should take it seriously.

Often, you can hear authority called domain authority. This can be displayed as a number. Usually, new websites start with a low domain authority. It is something that you have to build up and work on. Some people hire SEO agencies like ClickSlice to help them with this process. They already understand the connect with backlinks and other strategies that can help you build authority.

What is the Connection Between Backlinks and Authority?

The burning question is, what is the connection between backlinks and authority online? Well, let’s put this another way. You will want your website to have authority. You want to be one that other sites trust. This way, Google is going to put you on its first page. Then, you get higher traffic and more sales.

Well, know that having backlinks is a way to have authority. Multiple factors will contribute to a high domain authority number. One of them is backlinks, and you must create a strategy to obtain them. Indeed, when you have other websites saying your content is good and specific pages are helpful, this reflects well on you. You have relevant and engaging content on something that matters to users.

How Do You Get Backlinks?

We have established that backlinks are a good thing. They help you to gain authority on the internet. But, how are you able to obtain backlinks to secure your high position on Google? Here are some useful tips.

Focus on Quality

First, you need to have high-quality content that will attract attention. Namely, it cannot be rephrased from the internet and written poorly. It must be engaging to read, share useful insights, and grip the reader. This is going to mean that more people like reading the content and want to link to it.

Therefore, never rush your content. You can be excited to publish it online, but taking extra time to make it perfect will be beneficial. This quality you are striving for will grab backlinks that help with authority.

Make it Unique

There will be topics that have been done a hundred times already.  This lack of uniqueness is not going to secure backlinks. People want to see new and innovative information out there on the internet. Thus, you should also focus on making your content unique. You want to offer something new to the space.

A good tip is to carry out your own research. You can do investigations and put information that is new on the internet. Other sites will be intrigued by this and will likely quote and link to you.

Offer Different Takes

Remember that your content does not have to be written word. Instead, you can focus on visuals as a way to gain attention. Infographics are popular and they can gain you links. Focusing on date and using studies you have found in books are also going to be good. 

Consequently, focus on different takes. Many people are visual learners, and they will want to offer this type of content to their readers. So, when you have visuals, they will include a link to this.

Find Broken Links

Another useful strategy for link building is finding broken links. These should be on relevant websites that are similar to yours. The idea is that you inform them that they have a broken link. Then, you give them a web page of your own that would work in its place. Thus, you are being helpful to that site. Then, you are promoting one of your web pages that would be a good fit.

This is a good strategy for getting on-side with websites. You are doing them a favour by finding broken links. They might have missed them and not been aware they were there. Then, you save them work by suggesting your page. Of course, this gives you the link you are looking for simultaneously.

Promotion on Social Media

Every time you create new content, you should promote it on social media. You want to share the blog post far and wide. The idea is that you are going to reach more people and this gives you a chance of link building. People are exposed to your content, and if they have a website, they are more likely to use it.

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