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10 Must-Try Tips for Your TikTok to Perform Better

Are you tired of putting so much effort into your TikTok only for them to be shadow-banned or seen by only a handful of people? This social media platform that started in 2016 is all the buzz and has been a tremendous tool for businesses and their exposure.

However, it can be quite frustrating to navigate a new platform and figure out how to optimize your usage. In this blog, the TikTok marketing team at Bold x Collective will walk you through the top 10 tips to make your TikTok ads perform better based on its algorithm.

For those that don’t thoroughly understand TikTok and its benefits, Bold x Collective explains how to use TikTok for marketing.

Before we get into these tips, let’s examine what the TikTok algorithm is really like and what kind of factors drive content on it. The TikTok algorithm is currently associated with the “for you page,” also known as the FYP.

This page allows users to view videos from all creators, and you don’t even have to follow them. The FYP does, however, start to change based on the users’ viewing preferences and habits with a recommendation system, which is a built-in tool on TikTok.

This system pushes out content based on user interaction, video information and device, and account settings. Therefore, the algorithm will start showing you more related content to the type of videos you engage with the most.

This allows users the ability to have a curated watchlist of content that resonates with them the most.

Because of this recommendation system, the number of followers a user has is not indicative of the amount of exposure or engagement they will receive with their video. This is what makes TikTok such a useful tool to be able to reach your target audience quicker.

Now that you have a general understanding of the TikTok algorithm and the “For You Page,” you can use this information to create content that puts you in the best position to perform well on TikTok. Let’s get into it the specifics.

1. Create Shorter Videos

The TikTok recommendation system boosts content that has higher user interaction meaning the number of likes, shares, comments, and viewing duration. What you can infer from this is that TikTok considers if users watch through an entire video or just skip to the next one.

To avoid your video being disregarded and skipped, making shorter videos would be a good idea. This way, users are immediately drawn in to the point and process your content with clarity, reducing their likelihood of skipping your video and increasing the likelihood of engagement.

2. Cater Videos to Different Niche Groups

Because TikTok looks at users’ habits and viewing patterns, users will most likely interact with content that relates to their hobbies, interests, and mindset. Knowing this, brands can create videos relating to these niche communities to reach those audiences and get higher levels of traction.

3. Staying on Top of Trending Effects 

Bold x Collective always recommends using the “Explore” on TikTok, which will tell you what is currently trending, whether it is a song, effect, or hashtag. It’s best to take advantage of it as it allows you to instantly be seen as relatable.

Following the bandwagon may just be the thing that gets your videos out there. Because something is a trend, people will already know what to expect from the video and be more likely to spend more time watching them as the sole reason for the content is just for entertainment purposes.

4. Using Popular Hashtags and Keywords in Your Captions

Never underestimate the power of using hashtags and keywords in your captions or even your dialogue. Using popular hashtags and keywords that are associated with a niche can increase your exposure significantly.

Not only this but using hashtags will allow people to find you much easier when searching for a topic and allow you to find your target audience quicker.

5. Engage With Other Creators and Your Audience 

It’s important to not only use TikTok to post your content but also use it for what the app is intended for. To be SOCIAL. Take some time to be active on the app and view other creators’ content. This gives you the opportunity to react and interact by liking, commenting, sharing, stitching, and duetting.

This could help drive an audience by using another creator. Once TikTok recognizes the pattern of accounts you like to interact with, they will soon start to associate your account with it thus, potentially increasing your overall exposure.

6. Use Trending Sounds

Each month, there is always a new set of trending sounds and video ideas to go along with it. Most are humorous or relatable in some capacity. This is an easy way for you to come up with content ideas that are almost bound to receive engagement.

Same as using trending effects and popular hashtags, as mentioned earlier, this tip will allow you to find your target audience quicker while being authentic.  

7. Post When Your Audience is Online 

Getting to know your audience and catering to the way they behave and interact with videos is crucial to having your TikTok perform well. A TikTok Pro account is just what you’ll need to assist you with this.

This account gives you access to the report that tells you when your audience is most engaged. This can be found under the follower activity report under the follower tab. Posting strategically at this time will help your videos gain more traction early on, making them subject to being shown to more users.

8. Use Cross Promotion on all Social Platforms

If your brand happens to be active on other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and has a larger follower base on them, use them to your advantage!

Promoting your TikTok videos on other social media platforms allows your audience to know about your TikTok presence and may drive traffic to your profile. Not only will this drive traffic but doing this could potentially help you reach several groups of people that wouldn’t have been reached on TikTok, to begin with. 

9. Observe Popular TikTok Creators

One of the biggest perks of social media for businesses is the fact that you can get a thorough look and understanding of your competitor’s strategy. By accounts being out in the open and available to the public at any given time, a competitor analysis has never been more accessible.

Look at what popular creators in your industry or niche market are doing. Assess what videos of theirs get the most likes, most comments, most shares, etc. Do NOT copy their strategy because you still want to differentiate yourself and define your unique brand, but don’t be afraid to take inspiration from these accounts and apply it in your own way. Clearly, they’re doing something right, so take the time to observe and cultivate a strategy of your own. 

 10. Collaborate With Creators 

We’ve talked about drawing inspiration from other creators, now it’s time to take it up a notch and start finding ways to collaborate with them.

This can be done with a series of duets, influencer-type content or simply connecting with them, and doing a video together in person.

With this strategy, not only are you appealing to your audience but also to theirs, thus, increasing brand exposure and traffic for both of you.

With your combined audience engagement, your TikTok is sure to get some serious numbers and will later be spread further through the recommendation system.

Those are Bold x Collective‘s top 10 tips for getting your TikTok to perform well. Need some extra guidance? Trying to figure out how to get started? The expert team at Bold x Collective is here to help! Contact them for a complimentary consultation – they’re here to help.

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