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3 High ROI Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Beauty Brands 

Beauty brands and influencer marketing are the perfect match in marketing heaven.

Influencer marketing is a 21.1 billion dollar industry, and we need not mention that beauty brands leverage much of it. One of the key reasons this duo works wonders is the nature of the industry. Beauty is visual, which leaves a huge scope for influencers to create content. From how-to guides to product evaluations, they can make videos and guides on varying topics, which helps brands build awareness and establish social proof.

Ever wondered if diving into influencer marketing is the right move for your brand? If you answered yes, read on.

Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples  

What makes influencer marketing for beauty brands successful? Of course, a high engagement rate, traffic, etc. do contribute. However, the conversion rate is the ultimate metric that makes a campaign successful. Let’s look at some examples!

MAC Cosmetics’ Collaboration with Johnny Ross 

The beauty industry is where inclusion, openness, and authenticity occupy ample space. So influencers who endorse these are automatically the right fit for the brand. 

Mac Cosmetics, an almost 40-year-old brand, knows how to keep up with the ever-changing needs of Gen Z. It blends the messaging seamlessly into its content formats while also keeping the comedic essence intact, if and when needed. 

For example, Mac Cosmetics’ collaboration with Johnny Ross, a professional makeup artist-turned-social media personality, speaks a ton about the brand’s image. Johnny Ross might be known as a makeup tutor, and he’s all over TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. However, he isn’t just that. 

Watching his videos closely, you’ll realize they also convey a clear message about denouncing gender bias and homophobia in the beauty industry. 

MAC Cosmetics successfully solidifies its image as an open and authentic cosmetic brand by collaborating with him. 

Milk Makeup’s User-Generated Content from Micro-Influencers 

It is easy to blur the lines between an influencer and a consumer. However, let’s not forget that influencer marketing in the beauty industry is more than just making collaborations and endorsing the product. You should analyze what your audience asks for, and UGC is a stellar example of doing so. It’s easily one of the best marketing strategies for beauty brands, given that this strategy makes users feel heard.

For example, Milk Makeup is best known for featuring micro-influencers on their socials quite often. They take care of the tiniest details when posting any influencer endorsing their product. (They use the creator’s pronouns when tagging them in their posts. While this gesture may seem insignificant, it shows the brand’s approach and respect toward its customers.)

Nykaa’s Campaign to Launch the ‘Clay it Cool’ Mask Range

Now, picking influencers that align with your brand’s voice and creating campaigns is one thing. However, giving influencers the creative liberty to create content as per their choice gives birth to high-quality and varied content. Nykaa’s influencer marketing campaign launched in February 2023 to promote the Clay it Cool mask range did just that. 

The brand did two things right. First, it chose to work with influencers having a genuine interest in skincare and beauty. Two, they let them create content that resonated with their target audience. The campaign easily garnered over 3 million impressions and a media value of about five to seven lakhs, making it a huge success. 

CE Banner (840x104) 3
Nykaa’s Campaign to Launch the ‘Clay it Cool’ Mask Range

Plus, Nykaa runs the campaign on an array of socials including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, resulting in huge engagement. So the campaign not only engaged more users but also drove sales. What more could a brand ask for? 

While many marketing agencies for beauty brands choose to contact influencers with a huge following base, it’s perfectly okay to approach micro-influencers with solid voices. You just need to make sure you create a partnership with influencers that is a win-win for both parties.  If you can’t decide which influencer you should form partnerships with, getting professional help from social media agencies can be logical to ensure that you make the right decision.

How Is Influencer Marketing Used in the Beauty Industry?

When we think of the term influencer, a ubiquitous platform that springs to mind is Instagram, given the number of influencers the platform has nurtured. So the scope of creating content is directly proportional to the number of formats offered by the platforms.

Let’s see how.

Product Reviews or Demos

Influencers create content that reviews a skincare, haircare, or makeup product as a static post with long captions or in a short video format. Such posts give users an insight into the product and help them make informed decisions.

The How-To Guide Posts 

Creating tutorials on how to use a beauty product is one of the most prominent ways of marketing the product. Brands here collaborate with an influencer to feature their products in these tutorials.

The influencer’s know-how and friendly connection with their audience add a genuine touch to the tutorial, building a strong sense of trust and credibility that really clicks with the viewers.

Unboxing Videos 

In these videos, influencers reveal what brands send them and create excitement and buzz around product launches. They come with fascinating wraps and interesting box designs in most cases, and the audience loves seeing these specialties in videos. These unboxing videos can be seen as unwrapping a present with your friend and sharing the excitement.   

To make partnerships with influencers for such captivating content promoting your products, you can approach relevant influencers independently or, if you have the budget or are aiming big, you can reach out to trusted influencer marketing agencies. When working with an influencer marketing agency, you won’t spend your time researching the influencers, approaching them in the right way, and going through the entire process without any certainty of getting a positive response. 

Now that we know about beauty influencer marketing practices, let’s explore some real-time campaign examples from top beauty giants! 

In Summary 

Influencer marketing in the beauty industry will continue to evolve as it allows brands to tap into the authentic voices of influencers while driving meaningful results. So it’s undoubtedly an easy and immensely powerful way to widen your reach and target the right audience. Although we enlisted the year’s prominent influencer marketing campaigns, you still need to know your brand’s needs and determine which influencer’s voice will align best when devising a campaign.

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