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Successful Real Estate Social Media Campaigns & Posts

Businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit from a solid social presence.

This is true even for the real estate business. To embody the previous statement, 77% of realtors use social media for real estate in some way or the other. So if you’ve been scratching your head over figuring out creative ways to market your business on social media, we’ve got you. 

This article covers everything from how to market your real estate on social media to some stellar examples. So let’s get to it with ways to market real estate on social media. 


While creativity is vital for your social media strategy, it’s not all that you need. Your strategy should be a mix of entertainment, education and branding, regardless of the business industry. 

Post informative content 

Posting educational content helps build credibility. 34% of U.S. customers follow brands on social media specifically for educational content. So undoubtedly, informative content is essential for any social media strategy. 

Leverage influencer marketing 

Leverage social media to enhance the reach and attract the right audience through influencer marketing. Reach out to influencers interested in endorsing real estate businesses and collaborate with them to create branded content. This helps you attract potential buyers while also increasing credibility. 


Tell your brand story 

Many realtors pay a ghostwriter to write their marketing material. While it’s one way to tell your brand story, it has its own shortcomings. A ghostwriter will never know the why behind your business; only you do. Hence, doing so fails to build a personal connection with the audience. 

As a realtor, be authentic and let your personality shine across all social media posts you work on. This sparks genuine interest in the audience and opens room for more engagement. However, if you’re new to this, contact a social media marketing agency specializing in real estate. 

Inspiring Real Estate Social Media Posts

Now that you know a few ways to market on social media, let’s go through a few examples of real estate social media posts you can take inspiration from. 

Post high-quality property photos 

Bovingdon Bucks, a real estate agency in the UK, posts high-quality property photos on their Instagram page and website. These photos are a must as they give a sneak peek of what potential buyers can expect from the property and attract them to reach out to them to learn more about the property.

Post high quality property videos

While you can share photos of the property on Instagram or Tiktok, it’s better to post videos. Video helps audiences give an interactive way to learn about your property. Below is an example of an Instagram page that posts reels on Instagram of different properties.

After watching the video, interested candidates can contact you via DM or by clicking a CTA button on your profile. Moreover, real estate listings with videos receive more leads than those without a video. 

Share tips or guide for the first time home buyer 

Establish expertise by sharing a comprehensive home buying guide on social media. It builds trust, sparks engagement, and attracts potential homebuyers seeking such information. Use the guide feature or make a carousel on Instagram showcasing clear and concise information visually appealingly. 

How to Advertise Real Estate on Social Media

When it comes to advertising real estate on social media, first of all, you need to choose the right social media platforms. 

Choose the right platforms

You can find ample real estate marketing ideas. However, they won’t work unless implemented on the right platforms. 


Facebook still has a solid user base than other social media channels. Build a business page and publish posts regularly on the page. The platform also offers real estate ads to let you target the right audience by considering essential parameters.

  • Use paid ads 
  • Use Facebook events or newsletters to invite followers
  • Connect with clients over Messenger.


Instagram has 46% of users between the ages of 25 and 44, a young pool looking to buy prime properties. Make the most of this platform in the following ways:

  • Post walkthrough videos or behind the scenes 
  • Showcase the neighborhood 
  • Show video listings of properties to instigate curiosity


LinkedIn primarily focuses on helping people network. Use this platform to network with fellow realtors. It’ll build credibility on LinkedIn and can help you send leads. 

A real estate marketing agency can help you choose the right platforms as per your target audience and budget. 

Be consistent with posting 

Being inconsistent in your communication is the easiest way to lose your existing and potential clients. Engagement plays a vital role in brand building. Platforms like Instagram favor posts that receive more engagement. Ensure you keep posting regularly and putting up polls and QnAs so that algorithm doesn’t forget you. Moreover, with consistent posting, people don’t move on from your feed so quickly. 

The question is–How frequently should you post?

The frequency of posts may vary from once a week to once in two weeks, etc. however, you need to sit and plan it in one sitting. Here’s when content calendars come into play. Use marketing tools like Hootsuite to publish on numerous platforms in one go. 

Share client success stories 

Client testimonials are a great way to advertise your business on social media as it fosters trust among potential clients. Many will take action only after reading a few positive reviews on the page. Request clients to share their views on your service either in person or via email. Publish a static post on Instagram or a reel of the same. 

In conclusion 

Remember, your followers are your most prominent and loyal property advocates. 

Take the time to create a social media presence that includes high-quality property photos, videos, property-buying guides and other informative content. Follow a consistent posting schedule and interact with your clients to generate new ones and close more properties. 

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